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Finding a reliable roommate is stressful, and who really has the time, right? We do, and we’ll do it for you. All you have to do is come in, let us get to know you a little, and choose your floorplan. Then, we’ll hook you up with the right roommates and the right space, just for you.

Apartments can come fully furnished and fully equipped with everything you need to live comfortably – from living room furniture, to kitchen supplies, to Wi-Fi.

We’ve created a fun, modern environment designed with socializing in mind. Get to know your neighbors at the community kitchen and dining room, in the TV lounge, or at the outdoor grills. If you have work to do, grab your laptop and head to the designated open office space.

Your Car-Free Lifestyle

We’ve designed the building around a car-free lifestyle with ample access to public transit and university shuttles, package lockers, and refrigerated grocery lockers for all your deliveries. Plus, each apartment comes with a bike to use any time you wish. So whether you want to just cruise the town, commute to work, or need to go do some errands, get wheeling.

Life’s essentials are basically right at your door so, come on in and check us out today.


If you’re looking to just rent a room, rather than a whole unit on your own, we’ll help you find the right space with the right roommates for your lifestyle. You’ll also find a number of communal spaces around the building to connect with others. Grab your laptop and work or study in one of the work spaces or business center, or meet up with neighbors for fun at the dining room or outdoor courtyard.

The property is designed for living with roommates. Every bedroom has a private bathroom, temperature control, and a bi-monthly cleaning service. Since you’re only renting by the room, you won’t be responsible for your roommates’ portion of the rent or utilities.

We’ve created the perfect environment for socializing and getting to know your roommates and neighbors. But you also have the privacy and personal space you need when you feel like just doing you.

The building is also conducive to living a car-free lifestyle, with easy access to public transit and a bike provided for every unit.


No, we welcome everyone and anyone.

Need to get across town in a hurry? Want to get some fresh air and explore? We’ve got you. Each apartment comes equipped with a bike.

Every room has its own bathroom and temperature controls. Plus, we’ve included space for all your personal electronics. Each bedroom is leased individually, so you won’t be responsible for roommates’ portion of rent or utilities.

You literally just rent a room within a larger unit. You will be placed with two to three other roommates, who you will share a living room, kitchen, and dining room with. You pay just for your room and your portion of the bills. When you come in for a tour, we’ll get to know you and your needs and match you with the space that we think is best.

We get it – it happens. You can relocate to another unit with a 60-day notice.

Yes. If you have any concerns or preferences, we will try to accommodate your requests.

Nope – it’s just for you alone.

You’ll receive a bill for your room’s portion of the utilities, regardless of whether the other rooms are vacant.

Each tenant signs an individual lease. You won’t be responsible for your roommates’ rent or utilities payments.

Each apartment’s living room comes furnished with a soft seating and TV. Each kitchen comes fully stocked with silverware, cooking utensils, and accessories.

Bedroom furnishings – including bed, mattress, headboard, bed surround storage and shelving, and under bed storage.

Yes, but use common courtesy. Let your roommates know ahead of time, and make sure everyone is ok with it. No guests sleeping in common areas. We offer a guest suite for visiting friends. We also have guest suites at our sister property.

Yes, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your roommates’ stuff or damage the provided furniture.

Sorry, pets are not allowed in this building. We are happy to refer you to our sister property McHenry Row/Porter Street Apartments, which does allow pets.

If you have any more questions you would like answered, please contact us today!

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