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The Bikes

Why Not Wheel Where You Want to Go?

Baltimore is one of those cities that’s easier to get around in anything but a car, and our building was designed specifically for a car-free lifestyle. First of all, we’re close to public transportation. But when you don’t feel like battling the bus (which is probably always), we have an even better option for getting around that you won’t find anywhere else: bikes for every single unit.

You don’t have to be a pro biker to live here, either. We just want to give you an easy way to maneuver the city.

All of our bikes are:

  • Specifically designed for urban living
  • Equipped with airless tires, so you’ll never get a flat
  • Belt driven for a smoother ride without damaging pants
  • Lightweight for easy riding
  • Streamlined to only include gears needed for riding around Baltimore
  • So, no matter what you’ve got to do, get there faster with your bike. Move in and get moving.
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7 W Cross Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
© 2019 Wheelhouse. All Rights Reserved.